VPRO 60 Product Launch

An invitation was extended to a variety of hospital staff to attend various events in South Africa, where SafMed unveiled the latest in their Low Temperature Sterilization range, the VPRO 60, hosted in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

At each event the attendees were introduced to SafMed and to STERIS, who is the supplier of the VPRO range of sterilizers. Since 1995, SafMed have represented various STERIS products in South Africa, and have sold, and maintained over 250 STERIS products, which includes operating lights, pendants and surgical theatre tables.

Following the introduction, Dr Georgia Alevizopoulou reviewed the latest international trends that drive the focus on Low Temperature Sterilization, and then introduced everyone to VPRO 60.

At each event, a VPRO 60 sterilizer was on hand, so there was an opportunity see, feel, and better understand the features and benefits of the sterilizer. The VPRO 60 is a compact, mobile, reliable, vaporised hydrogen peroxide gas Low Temperature Sterilizer.

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