Exposure to radiation in the Operating Room: How to Protect Yourself

Healthcare workers in the operating room are exposed to radiation during a multitude of surgical procedures as visualisation may be required in orthopaedics, neurology, urology and cardiothoracic surgery. New technologies and techniques have allowed clinicians to perform complex diagnostic and interventional procedures. Exposure to radiation in the operating room often occurs during the taking of standard x-rays and during fluoroscopy, often incorporating the use of a C-arm. Read more

Safe transport and storage of contaminated and sterile items in Theatre / CSSD

Medical devices/surgical instruments are used throughout the hospital to perform procedures on patients on a daily basis. These procedures are performed in theatre, the ward, maternity and doctors rooms. Contaminated devices need to be transported safely to the CSSD to be decontaminated. Contaminated devices should be transported in a manner that will ensure the safety of the staff and other patients. For this reason it is best to transport contaminated devices in closed, durable, and easy to decontaminate trolleys. It is not acceptable to transport contaminated items on open trolleys only covered with a piece of linen. Linen is not impermeable and will not contain pathogenic soils and microorganisms. Read more