KEN Netcom

KEN NetCom

Communication and documentation via networks

KEN has developed KEN NetCom, an innovative, network-based software that ensures easy and reliable communication between users and technical staff with the machines to which the system is selected. KEN NetCom appears as a website on the online PCs and therefore software must not be installed on the department or institution’s own PCs.

KEN XML Connect

Another option is to get the machine to deliver a continuous data stream to a larger system. More and more large hospitals invest in quality assurance systems where data is gathered from many different types of machines. These machine types can be washing machines, autoclaves, x-ray equipment, scanners, dishwashers, etc.

Such a system, typically consisting of one or more computers connected to a large server, is a solution that accommodates the user’s interest in presenting all the collected data in a particular way. Therefore, KEN has chosen XML standard communication for these major systems.