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With outstanding material compatibility and sterilization power, the V-PRO maX sterilizer makes sterile processing departments more productive, consistent and dependable resulting in maximum performance while ensuring a high standard of patient care. How V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization System Works The V-PRO maX sterilizer, our most exciting product yet, is designed with three sterilization cycles to efficiently sterilize a variety of instrument types, using our proprietary vaporized hydrogen peroxide technology. The Flexible cycle enables you to sterilize single or dual channel surgical flexible endoscopes with or without a load in 35 minutes! Why V-PRO maX Low Temperature Sterilization System? Processing options include a 35-minute Flexible Cycle, a 55-minute Lumen Cycle and a 28-minute Non Lumen Cycle. The Non Lumen Cycle can reprocess loads up to 22.6kg. This claim will allow your Customers to further increase their productivity, accomplishing more with the same equipment and keeping the OR running smoothly. Efficiency - The lack of a plasma coil allows for more usable room in the chamber. Low sensitivity to moisture minimizes aborted cycles; saving time, money and enabling faster device turnaround.

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