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Enhance Patient Positioning: Unsurpassed Range of Motion for Access at Every Point

  • Simple positioning with repeatable accuracy for a wide range of patients up to seven feet tall
  • Precise control for clinicians through innovative SWAN technology within the ortho surgical table.
  • Improved patient airway access for anaesthesia provider through articulating headrest
  • Easy access to patient with unobstructed foot clearance and powered table articulations for clinicians

Increase Productivity: Swift, Accurate Manoeuvrability for Continuous Control:

  • Intuitive design and SWAN control that any staff member can use with minimal training required
  • Ease of use allows for single user functionality which eliminates the need to schedule a dedicated staff
  • Continuous accurate performance improves case turnover times
  • Innovative drive function allows a single user to quickly move the ortho surgical table from room to room for quicker room set-ups*

Improve Patient and Staff Safety - Increase Staff and Patient Confidence with Advanced Safety Features:

  • Integrated safety lock protects patients from unintended movements as the spars automatically stop when the button and/or lever are released
  • Buoyant spar enables clinicians to feel only the patient’s weight and resistance, to minimize the weight of the table equipment
  • Quick release mechanisms on the boot, headrest and lateral slide reduce strenuous table adjustments
  • Easy-grip drive handles and unique drive system make transporting the table safer than ever*.

Optimize Imaging: Easily capture a full range of images from mid-abdomen to distal lower extremities:

  • Flexible second joint makes it easier to position the spar out of the imaging area
  • Carbon fibre radiolucent spar shape is less disruptive should it happen to get in the image
  • Free floating clamp allows you to position the traction device along the spar providing improved positioning for unrestricted imaging angles
  • Lateral translation of the table top shifts patients away from the core of the table further improving patient access and imaging results

*The STERIS OT 1000 Series Orthopaedic Surgical Table is not for patient transport.

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