KEN 2314 Instrument Washer Disinfector

KEN 2314 Low Capacity Washer

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KEN IWD 2314 Washer Disinfector is available both as a pass-through machine and with one door. The pass-through model ensures effective separation of an unclean and clean side, thus optimising the level of hygiene and reducing the risk of hospital infections. The machine is elegant and clean-lined Danish design.

KEN IWD 2314 can wash at up to 4 levels and can accommodate up to 8 trays. It is suitable for a large range of flexible equipment


  • User-friendly control panel ensures correct operation
  • Programme information etc. is shown in the display in plain language
  • Individual programme selection possible. Four programme positions are standard
  • Process Indication Bar shows how far the programme has come
  • Double monitoring of temperature
  • (EN/ISO 15883)
  • Possible selection of intelligent, maintenance-free drying module
  • Possible connection of up to 4 types of chemicals - 2 as standard
  • Able to have printer connected for optimum process documentation
  • Lockable lower compartment for keeping chemicals
  • Thermo glassdoor as standard
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