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Compact Bedpan Washers
Exceptional advantages for users and technicians

KEN BWD 731 is a compact bedpan washer with a modern Danish design. BWD 731 has specially been developed for hospitals, nursing homes, private clinics, etc. where there is a need for washing bedpans, urine bottles, etc. The machine is also suitable for isolation rooms where there is a need of washing and disinfection.

It has an elegant, functional appearance typical of Danish design, the focus being on quality, flexibility and user-friendly advantages. KEN BWD 731 can be hung on a wall, mounted on the floor on a base, or be supplied as an under-table model.

The wash chamber can take 1 bedpan or 2 urine bottles, for example. The computer-monitored wash process and the rotating wash heads ensure a high-quality and always uniform result.


  • Simple front operation
  • Easy-to-read display with programme info
  • 5 programmes as standard. Option for individual modification
  • Total disinfection of nozzles, wash heads, combitank and pump after wash. Combats bacterial growth and maintains hygiene (patented)
  • Automatic door operation. There is an option for remote-operated door closing (elbow-operation, foot-operation, etc.)
  • Quick-start – automatic closing of door and automatic programme start
  • Door as slopsink. The bedpan is emptied automatically, but only once the door is closed
  • KEN NetCom – communication via network with central or decentral computer for documentation
  • Chemical storage compartment for 5 l standard container.
  • Easy to clean, smooth surfaces. Hygienic inner design
  • Double independant drain control & temperature control
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