KEN 521 XLS High Capacity Washer

KEN 521 XLS High Capacity Washer with Considerable Load Flexibilty

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The KEN 521XLS allows you to wash up to 6 levels and 18 DIN trays and is suitable for high volume hospital CSSD’s. Special racks allow for the processing of mixed loads of surgical equipment, including MIS devices. Supplied as single door and pass through machine where physical circumstances allow for the separation of clean and unclean sides of the CSSD.

Four standard wash programmes are available, all of which can be adapted to meet special hospital needs. The unit is equipped with a computer control system to monitor all functions of the machine and inform the user through clear text screen messages as to the status of the cycle. A built in self-diagnostic system makes it possible for the operator to identify programme faults.

Processing time is 30 – 55 minutes dependent on the cycle selected. The unit has upward sliding glass doors and a chamber light to observe the washing process. Equipped with a high-pressure pump for optimum cleaning efficacy. Rotary spray arms are fully dismountable in order to clean the jet nozzles blocked by small impurities, both inside and outside.

The dryer is equipped with a brushless, carbon free motor for low maintenance. HEPA filtration efficacy is 99.999% and the operating life of the filters is 4000 – 6000 hours. Complies with EN ISO 15883 parts 1 and 2

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