Documentation System

Documentation System

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Tracking and Documentation system allows the CSSD and Theatre to trace and record the link between items used on patients and theirsterilization process.

The system consists of the following items:

Labelling gun:

The labelling “gun”, with duplex tracking labels, enables the user to adjust the dial on the gun in order capture/document the date on which the medical device was cleaned, who the operator was, which washer and which cycle of the day it was. This information is applied via the duplex tracking label onto the instrument set check list.

Tracking labels:

The duplex tracking label is pre-printed with the term: DECONTAMINATED.

STF Load Check:

This device is designed to test the cleaning efficacy of the washer disinfector in accordance with ISO 15883 part 5. The STF load check is recommended to be used when medical devices are cleaned in an instrument washer.

Archive Envelopes:

This enables the user to archive all relevant data related to the performance of the instrument washer

This is an easy to understand, simple to implement, complementary system to enhance your ability to provide evidence of device decontamination.

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