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A new version of a best-selling product

This new electrical table offers all the functionality that made the Surginox-M table such a successful and versatile mechanical table.


Adapts to all situations

The Surginox E stands out most of all for its versatility. Urology, gynaecology, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, arm and hand surgery, knee arthroscopy, etc. It does it all! Its many adjustments, its split leg sections, the 25 cm slide, the optional kidney elevator make it suitable for many different applications. An extra-low version (600 mm) is especially useful for minimally invasive surgery. The very compact mobile base, providing optimum access to the patient, provides additional convenience. The high version (700-1050 mm) is suitable for surgery requiring relatively high positions, e.g. for orthopaedics.


Perfect control at your fingertips

The Surginox E is simple and yet surprisingly ergonomic. The power-assisted table adjustments bring the product to a new level of practicality. Simply use the hand control selector to choose the type of movement (height, tilt, or trend) and then apply the adjustments remotely. This makes adjustment a quick and effortless process!

When quality, durability and versatility are all wrapped into a single product at an especially competitive price...


What more could you wish for?

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