Our Services

SafMed offers a range of services that help our customers do their jobs more safely, effectively and efficiently.

Ours services range from providing educational support that assists customers meet sterility assurance standards, fight contamination threats and implement healthcare process improvements to maintaining medical equipment.

Sterile Processing, Issues and Answers

Personnel responsible for any aspect of reprocessing must be knowledgeable in order to minimize the risk of infection transmission and to ensure quality patient care. Critical decisions are based on standards, recommended practices, and product validation testing. SafMed can supply all the information necessary to make informed decisions and to ensure the correct standard of practice in this critical field of healthcare delivery.

Foundation Course in Sterile Services

SafMed offers formal training in the theory of Sterilization and Decontamination. SafMed’s Foundation Course in Sterile Services has been specifically designed to meet the entry requirements of the following Certified Courses offered by Stellenbosch University:

  • Basic Course in Sterilization and Decontamination
  • Intermediate Sterile Services Course
  • Advanced Sterile Services Course

The SafMed Course covers the following topics in a 4 hour session:

  • Introduction to the SSD
  • Decontamination in the SSD
  • Packaging and Inspection
  • The Sterilization Area
  • Sterile Stores and Dispatch

Students need to complete all 5 sections of the SafMed Foundation Course and obtain a pass mark of 70% in the written examination in order to be awarded a Certificate of Competence. 

More information about this course can be obtained from your local SafMed representative.

Operator Training Programmes

SafMed offers Operator Training Programmes to provide technical training on the proper care, use, and preventive maintenance of SafMed products and also to review parameters critical to effective operation. 

More information about this course can be obtained from your local SafMed representative.


SafMed organises seminars on the latest Worldwide trends in Sterile Processing and Infection Prevention.

Information on these Seminars is communicated to our customers by various means, including the SafMed Website.

Field Service and Technical Support


SafMed delivers service programmes to properly maintain capital equipment and optimize operational uptime and service life. SafMed is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Our main priority is to have every SafMed service exceed your expectations.

Only genuine, Original Manufacturer spare parts are used for servicing and repairs. All repairs are backed by a 90-day warranty

SafMed understands better than anyone how our systems work in a wide variety of conditions and facilities.

Prior to installation, we evaluate your facilities and utilities to make sure they meet operational requirements. If we identify a utility service shortcoming, we can respond with recommendations or upgrades appropriate for your situation. These pre-installation activities will contribute to your system's performance and efficiency and may identify issues that will impact the preventive maintenance plan your system requires.

SafMed guarantees proper installation of your system. We conduct checkout procedures to ensure you are up and running quickly, and achieve the maximum return on your investment.

You can access our expertise by contacting your local SafMed representative.